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SRIBS SAJ02-1.2 SAJ08-0.5 SAJ08-1.2 SAJ20-0.5 SAJ20-1.2 SAJ08-1.2 SAJ30-0.5ZL SAJ30-0.5DB SAJ30-1.2 SAJ30-1.2A SAJ30-1.4 SAJ30-1.6 SAJ40-0.5ZL SAJ40-0.5DB SAJ40-1.2A SAJ40-1.4 SAJ30-2.0

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SRIBS SAJ02-1.2      SAJ08-0.5    SAJ08-1.2      SAJ20-0.5    SAJ20-1.2      SAJ08-1.2       SAJ30-0.5ZL      SAJ30-0.5DB       SAJ30-1.2      SAJ30-1.2A      SAJ30-1.4           SAJ30-1.6       SAJ40-0.5ZL       SAJ40-0.5DB       SAJ40-1.2A       SAJ40-1.4        SAJ30-2.0

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T % in advance
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    How to select the correct safety device

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  • We guaranee our product all origional GJJ high quality item, no fake item supply.

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