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GJJ AI hoist


Jiaxing Jinyang construction machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise.  integrating design, development and manufacturing. The GJJENG production base covers an area of 530,000 square meters and has the world’s largest automated production line with the highest degree of automation. The company started in 1996 and it’s one of the largest professional manufacturers of construction hoists in the world.

GJJENG AI hoist presented and designed by GJJENG Jiaxing Jingyang group AI research center. Jointly by Jiaxing Jingyang Construction machinery Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang university, Jiaxing jingyang  engineering co.,ltd provide the technology support. We increased more than 20 hardware & foundation modules with latest AI. Technology with intergrated computerization. Intergrated AI safety assisstance system & AI. Intereactiv system with AI computerization to provide a real time safety safety control. Intelligent safety warnings, to actualize the GJJENG AI.  Hoist with seeing. Hearing, touching, speaking even thinking, to provide all time safety protection and maximizie the hoist safety. GJJENG AI safety assistent system with the video identification technology and sensor technology to actualized the hoist self-detect and analysis the safety status. With the laser sensor and speed sensor to inspect the stability of the hoist in each start stop actions, by the same time,  GPS locationing device will provide an effective location management.

Auto setect of the mast screw loose or lost. Mast racks of lubrication, tie ins connection abnormal, racks and pinions wear out conditions. Abnormal of power box, abnormal of voltage and current, malfunction of motors inverters, wearing out parts.  Safety system will remind verbally above items on time and provide an effective maintenance, to keep te hoist safety.during the hoist working, the system will real time inspect for the hoist abnormal situation and provide hoist way inspection also the operation invalid control phycial overload biologicaloverload dangerous wind speed giving warnning and stop action. Safety system will send the hoist performance working status with inspection export periodically help to inspect esimate the dangerous situation. AI interactive to allow the user checking the hoist real time working statues and interactive communicate with the system by touch screen even intelligent verbal communications to warning and give sagfety instructions and show the truble shooting by video. AI inveractive system also provide global specalist support online to help the installation and after sales problems. Global support for real time safety inspection to makesure the hoist safety and reliability. The next generation of GJJENG AI technology construction hoist depend on the new technology to maximize the hoist safety and user hommization contribute to the new construction industry.

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