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building hoist material hoist reducer Product code: JY-RD-116-B-2

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Product code: JY-RD-116-B-2

Building hoist material hoist reducer

Main used for the passenger and material hoist, special model with speed reducer equipment, before purchase send us the image so that we can know what type is require.

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T % in advance
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    Building hoist material hoist reducer

    Product code: JY-RD-116-B-2

    Main used for the passenger and material hoist, special model with speed reducer equipment, before purchase send us the image so that we can know what type is require.


    CWtype reducer main research and design for the passenger hoist transmission use device.Whorm wheel we take superior alloy steel, hard teeth surface, finial finish, whorm wheel take superior tin br onze, body take high strength alluminium,we adopt r eliable design and special treatment, excellent mecha nical performance and more bigger load capacity, hig her transmission effiency, small noise, stable working ensure safety.

    model Ratio speed Speed  m Rated power Pi Out put t2 trasmission Weight
    I r/min KW N • m % kg
    CW125-10-IF 10 1500 14.9 890 91.5 60
    CW125-12-IF 12 1500 11.8 840 91.5 60
    CW125-14-IF 14 1500 11.6 920 90 60
    CW125-16-IF 16 1500 11.6 1000 88 60
    CW125-20-IF 20 1500 9 1010 88 60

    Technical parameterSpecifications Manual
    1.OutlineCircular arc & cylindrical worm reducer has three characteristics. First, bearing big capacity; Second, high efficient transmission; Third, compact and reasonable structure. The suitable working surrounding is -40 ℃ ~ +40 ℃. The input rotational speed is not more than 1,500 Rpm.2.Installation and maintenanceReduction gear should reliably install on the stable foundation, and it should be convenient to refuel and drain oil and also the air is smooth.After the reduction gear installment, operation by hand should be flexible without obstruct. Before the normal operation of reduction gear, it must be carrying on the idling revolution. When reduction gear doesn’t have any breakdown, please start following several stages to load: in the first stage, carrying on 25% of the rating load; in the second stage, carrying on 50%; in the third stage, carrying on 100%.

    Each rolling stage takes oil temperature balance as a standard, which is not less than 2 hours, and the maximum oil temperature can’t surpass 100 ℃. Reduction gear revolution is steady without impact vibration and noise and it should be lubricating very well, and anywhere can’t leak the oil.

    3.The lubrication of reduction gear

    Owing to this structure, reduction gear makes use of oiled lubrication. (Recommendation: worm-gear oil N320 and ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~45 ℃). When reduction gear uses in the first time, the lubrication should be replaced after 200 hours, and later it should be replaced every 4,500 working-hours.


    The user can’t disassemble spare parts of reduction gear to overhaul. If machine is working exceptionally, please promptly contact with the factory.

    Jiaxing Jingyang construction machinery CO., LTD

    Item Part No. English name Item Part No. English name
    1 DL-0 Cage 31 WG-19 Worm gear fan
    2 WG-0 Reducing device 32 MAC-8 Rubber
    3 MAC-010 Motor 33 WG-5 Woem wheel
    4 ZJ-0 Mast section 34 WG-15 Worm
    5 XS-00 Safety device 35 MAC-9 Couping
    6 HY Hydraulic spring 36 MAC-020 Pinion
    7 TIE Tie-in 37 ZJ100-10 Rack
    8 TL-2 Safety device spanner 38 XK Drop test operate box
    9 PJ Pipe joint 39 CT Out operate box
    10 BL100-G Roller 40 FR Resistance
    11 BH-10 Cable joint 41 PS Waterproof plug
    12 ML100-9 Gate roller lower 42 SE 3-phase swotch
    13 ML100-10 Gate roller upper 43 TC Transfprmer
    14 WM130-40 Rope pulley 44 SDD Annunciator
    15 BS-10 “J ” type screw 45 PLC PLC Module
    16 BQ-10 Cable joint 46 QF Creepage switch
    17 BM-24 Screw 47 SL Limit switch
    18 TL-1 Roller spanner 48 FM Belling
    19 RA-9 Adjustment unit 49 JS Jacket
    20 RA-12 Brake pad 50 FS Fan
    21 SP Spring 51 SY EL lock
    22 DL-110 Rubber pad 52 F Drop test plug
    23 WG-03 Brearing 53 KCE Thermal relay
    24 WG-030 Oil seal 54 SQ Braker
    25 DXI-5 Nylon wheel 55 KMB Contactor
    26 RA-13 Rotary disk 56 BR Brake unit
    27 RA-120 Brake piece 57 SPL Speed relay
    28 RA-10 Brake disc 58 EL Lamp
    29 RA-7 Electromagnet 59 CS Calling system
    30 CAM-3 Counter roller 60 OL Overload

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