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Guatantee of client

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Oversea sales service facility:
Jiaxing Jingyang Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd set up distributors abroad, we protect distributor’s benefit.
We offer technical support and service within Warranty period.



1:The Buyer may carry out inspection of quality of the product after completion of product.
2:The Buyer may proceed the above inspection through Buyer’s inspectors or through pictures and/ or movie submitted by Seller.
3:The Seller must notice completion of each process to the Buyer for inspection of the product.
4:All additional cost arising from the inspection and penalty due to inspection and/or amendment of the Product shall be borne by the Seller.
5:In case of missing or ignoring or proceeding any step of producing product neglectfully, the Seller must indemnify USD 10,000 as penalty by deduction from the balance payment.

1:Delivery Time:The product shall be arrived at destination port on time based on contract list.
2:Except the reason of force majeure, in case of delay, the Seller must indemnify 1.0% of the contract value for each delayed day.
3:In case of delay, exceeds 30 days from fixed date, the Buyer has the right to terminate this contract and the Seller MUST:
       (1)Return the hereinabove advanced payment.
       (2)Pay the penalty according 30% of contract value hereinto.
4:Natural disaster, explosion, fire, flood, earthquake, war, etc. which is beyond the reasonable control of the parties shall be considered as force majeure and any damages to the commodity due to force majeure shall be advised by the party facing force majeure to the another party within the period of 5 days from the occurrence of the force majeure. Both of parties must be confirmed by writing within 7 days after and together with certificate if force majeure issued by the competent government authorities for acceptance or non- acceptance. Beyond this time, force majeure circumstance shall not be taken into consideration.
5:In case the Seller suddenly terminates the contract without the Buyer’s fault, the Seller must refund 20% of advanced paymentand be charged equal to 8% of contract value together with all relevant losses to the Buyer.

1:The Seller guarantees the product 12 months from the date of the commercial operation of the product, or 16 months from the date of delivery, whichever comes first.
2:The Seller is responsible for any defect due to materials or bad workmanship revealed within period of guarantee.
3:The Seller shall be further responsible for all damages and/or  losses arising from the Seller’s fault within and/or after warranty period.
4:In case of trouble, the Buyer shall inform it to the Seller and within 02 days, the Seller has to send his representative or technician to the site to check the trouble.
5:If such technical trouble is determined as the Seller’s responsibility, the Seller has the obligation for setting it in within 3 days by sending new goods for replacement or renewal and bears all changes and expenses connected therewithal.

1:All the formal file should be confirmed by email so that protect each party's benefit.
2:Any amendment and/or additional clause must be made by agreement of the two parties.
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