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Passenger hoist wireless floor calling system

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Passenger hoist wireless floor calling system

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    JIAXING JINGYANG Passenger hoist wireless floor calling system

    The first adopts the intelligent voice menu concept, one-button setting, full voice prompt.

    The signal frequency band adopts wireless 315MHZ high-frequency wireless communication mode. The construction site is convenient to install, fast, stable in performance and long in transmission distance.
    The industry’s first power cord that can be used as an antenna can be used stably within 10 layers without using an external antenna. The floor setting is self-learning, and the internal powerful software supports any setting of the floor without crosstalk.
    Install a transmitter on each floor, and set the pager floor number of the pager as needed. The worker who needs the elevator presses the button and then starts the elevator to reach the worker waiting floor.
    Ultra-wide power supply design – installation does not need to consider the power input voltage, 220V or 380V can be directly connected
    The floor button uses a built-in PCB antenna, and the effective transmission distance is more than 1150m. No need to ask if the communication distance can be reached. We can guarantee that the distance can be ignored and the floor is ignored.

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