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SCE500 material hoist

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SCE500 material hoist

Main used for the harbor, warehouse, etc place.


  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T % in advance
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    Jiaxing Jinngyang Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

    A professional factory in construction machinery, equipment, material & spare parts. Dedicated to provide a complete solution to mechanical & civil construction with quality products and perfect service Enjoying good reputation of business by respecting & satisfying our customers. Looking back to the past, we have made one brilliant achievement after another with our efforts and your support. Looking forward to the future, we are determined to be with you as always on the way to greater success and win-win results.

    We have following Tower crane, passenger hoist, suspended platform,electric winch, electric hoist, gear rack and pinion, worm and shaft, electric units, scaffolding and etc. In addition to the good quality of our products, we also have our profrssional technical service provide the clients with our best after-service. We have supplied more than 80 units of passenger hoist, 140 units of suspended cradle to the market since 2007.

    We have got a total experience of over 18 years with a force of professional Engineers who are having vast experience in either respective work field. The service support personnel

    having factory trained to provide professional installation and service to support to our customers all over the world.

    The key aim of Jingyang is to provide quality products, on time service support and spare parts to the fast growing infrastructure projects for our client. We supply quality and economical equipments like tower cranes, passenger hoists, spare parts to existing machines, service / AMC support, up gradation of existing conventional technologies with latest technology which are economical in terms of power consumptions, safety etc.

    To facilitate the above support to industry, Jingyang have sole sales and service tie-up with the best brands like SYM, Fine Hope for tower cranes, GJJ for passenger hoists, material hoists and Chengdu Hi-tech for the state of art Anti-collision devices which are used for tower cranes to avoid collision of cranes or nearby civil structures.

    Our client list includes most of the Indian Infrastructure Development / Construction Companies in the field of Dam Projects, Petro Chemicals, Cement Plants, Power Plants, Multi Story Buildings, Shipyards, Steel Plants, etc., Some of our prestigious customers includes L&T, Lodha Group, JMC, Shapoorji Pallonji, Lanco, Power Mech, Paharpur Cooling Tower Ltd., Unity Infra Projects, Al-faraa Infra Projects, IOTEP, BG Shirke, etc.

    Considering the growing infrastructures development policies of China, we are aiming steady growth in our projected sales and support activities and with our vast experience, professional skills and prompt services, will help us to achieve higher goals of growth pattern during the past two years of establishment in the field.

    Apart from standard solutions to fit customer requirement, our expert can offer customer solutions like Tower Cranes for 200m and above heights. Passenger Hoists to fit inside the lift shaft: – High Speed Passenger Hoists for 200M – 600M heights to suit customer special and specific requirement.


    Direct start-up and stop

    Simplicity and cost saving

    Customization from “GJJ optional functions”in this book

    Standard cage dimension is 3.2×1.5×2.5,other available cage dimension(LxWxH)(m)

    2.5×1.3×2.5; 3×1.3×2.5; 3.6×1.5×2.5; 3.8×1.5×2.5;4.0×1.5×2.5;4.2×1.5×2.5 special dimension can be made according to requirement of customer.

    Capacity ,lifing speed etc can be selected according to requirement of customer.

    Standard mast section is 650x650x1508mm,or can be made according to requirement of customer.

    Motor/reducer option:GJJ motor(Chinese);Nord motor special for GJJ(Germany)

    Tie-in type I apply for the height <=150m

    The hoist over 200 meters with counter weight is not recommended.

    Product description

    Assembly style cage

    l Installation inside the elevator well

    l Assembly style cage

    l Capacity:2000kg

    l MAX. Lifting speed:0-96m/min

    l MAX. Erection height: 580m.


    l Direct start-up and stop

    l Simplicity and cost saving

    l Optional hot deep galvanized cage

    l Fault detection system.

    A.Producing process:

    Strict material selection—  blanking— inspection — welding—inspection— Blasting — inspection—Baking finished or galvanized— inspection —Finished product

    The product can be customized according to customers’requirements (drawing, specifications and so on).

    B. Special design for Cage :

    The cage is boarded up by all punched aluminum sheet. (It is anti-aging , anti-rust, light-weight and beautiful in its service life)

    Main structure of cage is made of high-quality steel after bending. (The bended steel is firm, good verticality, stability. Moreover it ensure stable of the whole structure)

    1. bottom and roof of Cage adopt  trapezoidal frame

    2. Bottom and the roof are full symmetry

    3. The plane of symmetry are connected by  Bending plate,  Bending channel and  square pipe which make it  firm, straight and balance in use.

    4. The wall around cage can be fixed by Punched  Aluminium plate, Punched zinc plate, steel wire mesh.

    5. Surface Treatment: Blasting, Baking finished,Galvanized

    C. Mast section with rack

    The  Mast section(color is variable) is made of seamless tube or welded tube.(The  Mast section is made of seamless tube)

    Main materials:a.high quality steel plate Q235B bended by special machine:Thickness 4.5mm   b.Welded steel tube Q235B (seamless steel tube 20# is also available):Ø76*4.5mm or Ø89*4.5mm(Thickness of 6mm or 8mm is also available)

    D. Electrical equipment and spare parts

    We have the following safety devices to protect the safety of the goods and passengers. safety and life is the most important principle in our company.

    1. Safety Governor

    2.Top limit switch and Bottom limit switch

    3. 3-phase switch

    4.Buffer Spring

    5.Mechanical lock

    6.Reducing device

    7. Brake pieces

    8. Overload Protector

    9. Leakage Protection switch 10. Emergency button

    10.Terminal and Final stopping switches

    11.Guard Rail

    Protective Measures of construction electric chain hoist  :

    1. A Master switch On the operation board: When the button closed, unexpected action to other buttons can not let cabin working.

    2. Anti-falling safety device (with Centrifugal breaking system ): When all other protection device losing action, it can brake the cabin from falling.

    3. Mechanical inter-locking door: when the cabin running it can close by itself from protecting people from dropping.

    4. Overload calling device.

    5. upper and lower travel limit: They can limit the cabin  go over the top mast.

    6. The top mast section have no rack in order to limit the cabin overrunning and dropping .

    7. Manual button: You can operate the botton to let the cabin go down when interruption of power supply .

    8. Emergency switch: When the cabin losing control and over-runing, you can operate the button.

    E. Workshop Details and Transport Details:

    1. All Production Line adopt standard of the fixture, mould, gauge

    2. Each Construction Lift should be testing-run and adjustment in Factory

    Automaictic spped adjusting accroding to the capacity abopt the parallel shaft reducer/machinery system, more afficiency;
    With fault detection system;
    With the oil temperature detection system;
    Technical data of intelligent hoists
    Model SC200GZ
    Capacity (kg) 2000
    Lifting speed (m/min) 0〜60
    Motor power (kW) 2×11
    Cage size (m) 3.2×1.5×2.35
    Intelligent hoists (GJJ patent)




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