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Safety Device(SAJ40)

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Safety Device(SAJ40)


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    Model SAJ30 SAJ40 SAJ50 SAJ60
    Rated braking load 30KN 40KN 50KN 60KN
    Rated movement speed 0.95m/s, 1.2m/s, 1.4m/s, 1.6m/s, 2.0m/s and so on
    Number of teeth 15 or 12
    Weight 37KG 47KG 48KG 49KG
    Reset tool NO YES YES YES
    12345678910111213141516171. We use internal brake drum and centrifugal governor and adopt forge die process instead of traditional casting process in order to keeping away from potential security problems.
    2. Safety device is consistent with China National Standards, Hong Kong COP Standards and Europe EN Standards.
    3. The safet devices are developed by Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences(SRIBS). It has passed through the evaluation presided by the Ministry of Construction in 1989. Now the device is recommended as high-tech products developed in National Eighth Five Year Plan by the Ministry of Construction, and also won the Shanghai excellent new product prize.
    4. The safety device is made of sliding bearing manufactured by China leading company and Changcheng’s high-quality grease selected specially. There is one more grease groove designed purposely in gear shaft. Meanwhile, there is unique silencer and shock-absorber to reduce voice as far as possible.
    5. The spring parts and frictions are produced by our country company which manufactures specifically. Therefore the brake torque and open speed are stead. What’s more, safety device can react fast and brake smoothly.

    SAJ-type anti-fall safety device is widely used gear rack and fork lift gear cone-shaped progressive anti-fall safety device, it is a limit to the construction of the lift cage or heavy protection target speeding down to effectively prevent and eliminate the cage Or the equivalent of the target fall accident occurred in the ideal security device. I produced the anti-fall safety device has a reasonable structure, well-made, stable performance, reliable quality brake smooth, low noise and other characteristics, by the majority of manufacturers customers pro-Lai.
    Fall test and post-action recovery anti-fall safety device after the new installation, must be rated load drop test. In the official put into operation after the use of at least every three months to do a rated load drop test. Falling test steps:
    (1) Turn off the main power supply and turn the electrical box switch to the “install and repair” position.
    (2) Install the test cable and place the cable drop in the cable box with the “drop test” terminal block.
    (3) Fix the test cable near the electrical box of the cage and place the press and the cable into the ground station through the door or other suitable hole. To ensure that the drop test, the cable will not be stuck.
    (4) the cage is loaded to the rated load, close the main switch, press the test cable button on the box “up” button, drive the cage rose to 10 meters from the ground height.
    (5) press the “fall test” mark button, do not let go, this time the electromagnetic brake loose, hanging down the cage, when the fall speed reaches the anti-fall safety device calibration speed, anti-fall safety device immediately action, Stopped the cage on the rail shelf. (Note: if the cage down to 3 meters from the ground at the anti-fall safety device has not stopped the cage, this time should immediately release the button in order to use the electromagnetic brake brake. Timely stop the cage, to prevent the cage bottom.
    (6) Normally, the braking distance of the cage should be 0.3-1.2 m (excluding the distance at which the cage is free to descend) from the start of the safety device to the suspension. The braking distance is calculated by the following method: S = L · π · m · Z / 2 where: S: braking distance mm L: indicating pin end displacement mm m: gear modulus m = 8Z: gear Number of teeth z = 15

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