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Solutions to common faults in windings of construction hoist parts


Windings are the components of the motor. Embrittlement, dampness, heat, erosion, intrusion of dirt, and impact from external forces are all harmful to the windings. Motor load, under-voltage, over-voltage, and open-phase operation are also harmful. Can cause winding problems. Winding faults are generally divided into winding grounding, short-circuit fault, lead, and incorrect wiring. Nowadays, the separation shows the fault phenomenon, the reason and the inquiry method. Refers to the grounding caused by the destruction of the winding and the iron core or the insulation of the shell. 1. Malfunctions of construction hoist motors The casing is electrified by induction, the control route cannot be controlled, and the winding is short-circuited and hot, causing the motor to fail to operate normally. 2. The cause of the construction hoist motor Winding back dampness reduces the insulation resistor; long-term load operation of the motor; corrosion of harmful substances; metal material dirt invades the inside of the winding and destroys the insulation; when the motor stator winding is rewinded, the insulation damages and touches the iron core; the top of the winding touches the bearing end cover motor shaft; The friction of stator and motor rotor causes insulation burn; the insulation of the transformer grounding wire is damaged and collides with the cover; overvoltage (such as lightning strike) causes the insulation to penetrate.

Post time: Sep-04-2021

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