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Construction elevator accessories

Construction elevator accessories
Construction hoist parts are mechanical parts used to connect two shafts of different organizations, so that they can rotate mutually and transmit torque. Because of its load-bearing effect, it is very easy to be damaged in the whole process of application, thereby reducing its service life.
The damage of construction hoist parts is caused by the following reasons:
1. Environmental factors. When placing the construction hoist parts, check whether the surrounding environment is dry, there are wood and organic chemical objects. If the natural environment is placed in a wet and cold environment, the construction hoist parts will rust, which will harm the actual application effect of the construction hoist parts. Validity period.
2. Human error. When using the construction hoist parts, we must pay attention to the model specifications of the construction hoist parts. If inappropriate models and specifications will endanger the application of the construction hoist parts, the equipment will also be harmed.
3. Connect the anchor bolts. Connecting anchor bolts is a key component of construction hoist parts. If the connecting anchor bolts are not used properly, it will immediately endanger the service life of the construction hoist parts.
4. Damage elements. Construction hoist parts are connecting parts between different equipment. Therefore, during the entire application process, some damage will occur. Long-term application will cause deep damage to the construction hoist parts, which will cause the construction hoist parts to be destroyed.
5. Fracture elements. The parts of the construction hoist may be broken when they are operated incorrectly or used for a long time. Therefore, I want to carry out maintenance on it, which can broaden the service life of construction hoist parts.
The installation deviation of construction hoist parts should be strictly controlled, and the general installation deviation should not exceed half of the compensation amount. It is necessary to check the operation status of the construction hoist parts regularly, and the relative displacement of the construction hoist parts should not exceed the compensation amount. The relative displacement must be minimized to reasonably broaden the service life of the construction hoist accessories.
Carry out the lubrication of the construction hoist parts regularly, check the remaining oil, quality and sealing condition of the grease, and fill and replace them when necessary.
For the construction elevator accessories on high-speed machinery and equipment, it is necessary to go through balanced experiments and carry out assembly in accordance with the signs, and strictly limit the net weight of the connecting anchor bolts.

Post time: Sep-04-2021

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