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GJJ SAJ30-1.2 hoist SRIBS anti falling safety device

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GJJ SAJ30-1.2 hoist SRIBS anti falling safety device

1.We use internal brake drum and centrifugal governor and adopt forge die process to keeping away from potential security problems.
2.Safety devcie is consistent with China National Standards, Hong Kong COP Standards and Europe EN Standards.
3.The safety devices are developed by GJJ. It has passed through the evaluation presided by the Ministry of Construction in 1989. Now the device is recommended as high-tech products developed in National Eighth Five Year Plan by the Ministry of Construction, and also won the Shanghai excellent new product prize.

  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T % in advance
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    GJJ SAJ30-1.2 hoist SRIBS anti falling safety device

    GJJ SAJ30-1.2 hoist safety device
    Rated braking load 30KN
    Rated movement speed 0.95m/s ,1.2m/s, 1.4m/s, 1.6m/s , 2.0m/s and so on
    Calibration movement speed Depend on customer’ s requirement
    Number of teeth 15
    Weight 37KG
    Reset tool NO
    1.We use internal brake drum and centrifugal governor and adopt forge die process to keeping away from potential security problems.
    2.Safety devcie is consistent with China National Standards, Hong Kong COP Standards and Europe EN Standards.
    3.The safety devices are developed by GJJ. It has passed through the evaluation presided by the Ministry of Construction in 1989. Now the device is recommended as hightech products developed in National Eighth Five Year Plan by the Ministry of Construction, and also won the Shanghai exc

    ellent new product prize.

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  • We guaranee our product all origional GJJ high quality item, no fake item supply.